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Thanks for visiting  We are so excited to have you here because WE LOVE FLAG FOOTBALL and love to help people get what they need to play the game at the any level.  Whether you are just getting into it or have been playing as long as some of us (30+ years) we hope we have something you will like.

Our Story –

I (Dennis Freels) started a flag football company in North Texas almost 14 years ago.  I had a dream of doing what I loved to do as a business and through a lot of prayer and passion it has brought me to this point. My passion to play the game was like rocket fuel in building this business back then.  Now, it’s the excitement of taking the company to the next level and providing a great place to play flag football with my company  In addition to a great recreational environment we are also excited to be able to provide the tools to play the game with this sister company

I began buying overstocked footballs from Arena teams that were going out of business a few years ago and since then have been selling these white footballs for Baden just by word of mouth.  Now, with we can help even more people in an organized fashion.  We hope that you have a good experience here and if you need anything or something doesn’t turn out the way you wanted please let us know.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless!!